Relation of methyl ethyl ketone fume and conjunctivitis among women worker in shoes factory

Author :Soemarko Dewi Sumaryani

Seminat :okupasi

Journal : PERDOKI

Abstract :

Indonesia has become an industrial country; one of the industries is a shoes industry. Shoes industry has employ a lot of women. Shoes industry uses several chemical for the process. One of the chemical is the methyl ethyl ketone.

The exposure of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) fume, also MEK fume and ultra violet (UV) light at Stock fit department of shoes industry could influence eye health of the worker. The prevalence of conjunctivitis among the shoes worker is approximately 3 % including the workers at the stock fit Department. It is very interesting to find out whether the case of conjunctivitis in this matter is related to the exposure or not.


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