The Diagnostic Challenge in Occupational Health and Safety

Author :Dewi Sumaryani Soemarko

Seminat :Okupasi

Journal : PERDOKI

Abstract :

Official Data on Occupational diseases in Indonesia does not yet exist, but there is only a couple of studies on diseases caused by work hazards done in some educational institutions and research carried out sporadic by ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower. Issues the number of cases of the occupational diseases still a little, it needed to get attention from all of us, especially for the Government and the doctors who work in the health facilities. In 2011, PERDOKI and FKUI working with the Ministry of health of the Republic of Indonesia made the Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases training module for doctors. This module is used to train medical doctors who provide health care/medical job work in order to be able to do early detection of occupational diseases. The basic principles of Occupational Disease Diagnosis should refer to medical doctors curriculum for medical doctor/ physician working in the occupational health facilities or doing the occupational medicine approach made by professional organizations, in this case PERDOKI. There are stil limitation to collect occupational diseases data in Indonesia, either not all medical Doctors understand and perform 7 step of occupational diagnosis. Therefore required special training of PERDOKI about the occupational diagnosis to detect occupational diseases of the workers. Coordination, collaboration and communication between related parties are needed.

Keywords: seven steps of Occupational Diagnosis, making the occupational diseases


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